Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Online Travel with

I'm not sure why I haven't seen much written about this great new site someone referred me to. Maybe I'm just behind the times, but is a great travel search site.

  • Simple intro page with helpful details. The calendar displays the next two months, since people often schedule travel a month ahead of time. Cities auto-complete so typing BOS will bring up Boston or Bossaso, Somalia.
  • Displays results as they are returned. This is a nice feature because it takes a while to search so many different sites.
  • Easy search modification. Sliders let you modify departure and arrival windows, with quick results displayed. This is a very quick, intuitive feature.
There are certainly some downsides - ads are everywhere, to the point of being pretty distracting. Search results are sometimes inconsistent. But overall, it's a very useful tool that I'll continue to use until someone tells me there's something better!

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