Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tony Leach on Google

I made two New Years resolutions this year. The first was that I wouldn't eat lunch at Song's Cafeteria (the place right across the street from the office) more than once a week. Not that it's that bad, it's just easy to get sick of.

My second resolution was to propel myself from being unknown-by-Google to being the #1 result on a Google search for "Tony Leach." Maybe that sounds vain, but I wanted to accomplish two things. 1) Establish myself as someone of at-least-minor-importance online, since it could possibly help my credibility at work, and 2) learn about Search Engine Optimization.

I'm not sure whether or not I really accomplished either of the goals. I suppose I did learn about the importance of using proper titles for things. Regardless, it happened. I beat out Anthony Leach of Penn State (.edu domains are tougher to beat) and And I supposed I'm proud of that.

Who knows how long it will last. For posterity:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hulu, Colbert, Daily Show, and Cookie Monster

OK, so I've been a little too busy to update this blog in a while. It happens.

Watching Colbert tonight though, I suddenly realized that it (along with the Daily Show) had been added to the Hulu lineup. And watching this segment, I knew I'd have to share it. It's worth a watch, for sure, even if there's an ad attached (sorry, it's long, but Hulu's great and they have to make money somehow).

My favorite quote:

Me have crazy times in 70's and 80's. Me like the Robert Downey Jr. of cookies.

Other people talking about the best (fake?) news on Hulu: