Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tony Leach on Google

I made two New Years resolutions this year. The first was that I wouldn't eat lunch at Song's Cafeteria (the place right across the street from the office) more than once a week. Not that it's that bad, it's just easy to get sick of.

My second resolution was to propel myself from being unknown-by-Google to being the #1 result on a Google search for "Tony Leach." Maybe that sounds vain, but I wanted to accomplish two things. 1) Establish myself as someone of at-least-minor-importance online, since it could possibly help my credibility at work, and 2) learn about Search Engine Optimization.

I'm not sure whether or not I really accomplished either of the goals. I suppose I did learn about the importance of using proper titles for things. Regardless, it happened. I beat out Anthony Leach of Penn State (.edu domains are tougher to beat) and And I supposed I'm proud of that.

Who knows how long it will last. For posterity:


Rick Leach said...

You're also #1 on and yahoo, but #2 on Microsoft Live Search.

Any suggestions on how I could pass a former Univ of Michigan quarterback, an NFL hockey player and a tennis pro???

ThomasHan said...

congrats! nice... you gonna have to share some SEO secrets :-)

Chip said...

Well you definitely did it. This blog now comes up in the results.

Good work. How long did that take. I'm now a nobody since I deleted my domain - I'll have to build it back from scratch.

tonyleachsf said...

Chip -

It didn't take long - maybe 5-6 months. If there's a "secret," I think it's really just participating a ton online - and linking all your participation to itself. For example, I always use the name "tonyleachsf." And all the links on the right side of this blog send you to profiles I've set up elsewhere on the web. That way this page becomes the "authority" on Tony Leach... whatever that means.