Friday, September 22, 2006

Amazon and Tivo - Unbox Boxed?

The TiVo blog this morning reports that Amazon may be distributing movies via the TiVo set top box. According to the Yahoo! report, however,

Shares of digital video recording pioneer TiVo Inc. gained in premarket trading Friday on a report it is in discussions with Inc. to create a feature that would allow consumers to automatically transfer downloaded movies to their set-top boxes.
These sorts of things always sound like a good idea up front - especially if Amazon would let you download the movies directly to your TiVo. But it sounds more like you would have to download a movie using Unbox and then transfer it to the TiVo. I tried Unbox out and wasn't impressed with the quality, selection, or overall experience when I hooked my laptop up to my HDTV. Neither was anyone else.

I don't think this will go anywhere (sorry, Zatz). I'll take a Netflix set-top instead, or a Mac iTV.

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