Tuesday, September 19, 2006

MyBlogLog Fun Tools

I haven't seen much from many of my favorite blogs about this cool site called MyBlogLog (actually, I only heard about it from Praxis). It's a site that is similar to Feedburner or Technorati in that it tries to create a community of bloggers my offering cool tools - and they're all about the numbers. Feedburner gives people metrics on how many people subscribe to their blog. Technorati tells you how many blogs link to you.

MyBlogLog shows daily reports of the number of page views, where people come from to view the site, and what they click on. A couple things surprised me:

  • Just about everyone came from Google (as opposed to other search engines)
  • People on Google sometimes go through a couple pages of results
  • Just naming posts something close to what someone might search for could get you on Google's first page of results
I think MyBlogLog could be pretty successful because it's good for the small guys. If you're not in the Alexa Top 100(000), you're not going to get much help from Technorati. Feedburner's pretty limited, at least as far as its free service. But this one could do pretty well - especially if they can find incentives for people to participate in its community features.

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