Monday, September 25, 2006

The Clash on Music Industry

In a recent interview with the Guardian, former Clash/Pink Floyd manager Peter Jenner stated:

The current record company model might well morph into that of venture capitalist licensors, working in partnership with artists to develop their businesses.
Grant Robertson at the Digital Music Weblog didn't like this, saying "You can help give down and out industry executives the chance to have that much needed eyelift... Each month you'll receive a letter from your industry executive, detailing his or her progress and exactly how your money has helped them maintain their lifestyle.

I'm not sure this is what Jenner is trying to say. What I would envision is people who know the music industry (especially as it's changed) inside and out can help bands that they like market themselves. It could look like artists like Beck or producers like Brian Eno, who have done an excellent job navigating the changing music world, reaching out to younger artists to help them by sharing experiences. Sure, the experienced guy is going to take a cut - but in the long run, everyone wins. At least, that's how successful VC's work.

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