Tuesday, September 19, 2006

FON's $5 Router - La Fonera

I've always liked FON. Any company that encourages people to share with others (and let them make money too, if they want) is a good one in my book. To make it even better, they're helping to build an ever-present wireless Internet by encouraging everyone to activate their hotspots.

By selling a $5 router, FON can encourage even customers to build out a base of more wireless access points, which really just benefits everybody. According to GigaOm, it will allow people to create two wireless channels - one public, and one private. This should ease folks over any security fears, and help the company get some critical mass. It might also help folks like me who don't need to buy a new FON-compatible router, but for $5 are happy to join in the fun.

And I'd be a Linus with it...

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