Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sniitter - My New Twitter Desktop Client

I really wanted Google Desktop to meet all my needs. And by needs I really mean provide a ton of great desktop widgets like Macs do. Specifically I'd look for Twitter updates, Facebook updates, stock quotes for my portfolio, and maybe some custom RSS feeds. But I was disappointed, since stock quotes aren't synced with my portfolio in Google Finance, RSS feeds aren't synced with my Google Reader, and the Twitter client was too buggy to use reliably. Which is all odd, since iGoogle does all these things really well.

So I felt forced to use standalone apps for all this stuff. The stock quotes are fairly easy, since I can just use my real-time streaming quotes app from Zecco for those. And I can do without the Facebook and RSS feeds on my desktop (for now). That really just leaves Twitter - so I started using Snitter today.

Snitter's built off of Adobe AIR, so unlike Twitterific it runs on my work PC. So far I like it, since it's made a lot of standard Twitter features easier to use:

  • Single clicks to @-reply or send direct messages
  • Easy to resize, reskin, and hide
  • Pop-up notifications of new posts - like getting new emails
Generally, I like it. It's better than my IM client through Google Talk or going to the website all the time. And it's making my life a little easier by connecting with my Twitter friends more efficiently. If that actually makes my life easier... For more ways to use Twitter to make life easier, I'd really recommend my friend Thomas' post on Twitter Tips and Tricks.


ThomasHan said...

Thanks for the kind words :-)

I just bookmarked your post on delicious, so I can send others to it if they're ever asking "what Twitter client should I use?". This AIR new buzz is really taking over the tech world, huh?

We've gone from desktop to the www Internet and now we're back to desktop-like clients? Hmm... full circle :-)

tonyleachsf said...

Thanks man :)

I haven't come across any other AIR widgets that have been very exciting. Any that come to mind for you?

ThomasHan said...

I guess the ones I've seen are mostly for Twitter and Pownce.

There's the Twirl and Spaz that I mentioned in my orig Twitter client post :-)

Then of course the Snitter you wrote about.

Then there's the Pownce client, which is also AIR.

Those are the ones I can think of right now.