Sunday, February 03, 2008

Plaxo Pulse, Google Social Graph API, and Looking for Profile Aggregation

I've been doing more and more things online, and think I'm creating new profiles different places on at least a weekly basis. Some are short-lived (I don't think I'm ever going back to Moli, for instance), and some I'm so drawn to that they become daily habits. But they grow to so many that I keep losing track of them and stop participating. And for sites that I want to keep coming back to - like wikinvest, for example.

I've tried Spock, but it's fairly limited to just what Google can find. And there're usually the news feed-like updates that you can get via RSS/E-mail or whatever. Tumblr takes a great first step towards this, but then it's limited to contributions to a few places. But really I'd like to be able to see all my activity in one place.

One interesting approach is Mahalo's multi-profile view (see Mashable coverage). It gives you tabs for a number of social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn, so you can view your profiles on a number of different sites. And while that's great, I don't think that's Mahalo's goal.

I'm encouraged about the recent announcement of Google's Social Graph API - though discouraged at the same time because Open Social didn't really get anywhere. I'm not going to get into details about it since it's been covered so much elsewhere. But I'm excited to see how someone (hopefully someone smart) uses this to make my life easier and consolidate all my activity into one place. It looks like Plaxo's making a great start with Pulse (their widget is in the sidebar), and I look forward to seeing what they can put together beyond the first release.

What I like so far:

  • Lots of options for different social networks
  • Easy integration
What they need to work on:
  • Public display has too much white space
  • Adding lesser-known social networks (like wikinvest) - this is very important, since it's the main problem I'm trying to solve

I spent some time with Plaxo Pulse - check out the result at

More on Google Social Graph API:

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