Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tivo Series 3 - Almost Here!

Though most people will balk at the estimated $800, HD Beat brings us some good news. Thanks to Todd, we hear that,

TiVo Series 3 might be out of beta soon and is now showing up in their system. According to the computer It is scheduled to be in stock on September 17th with a Best Buy SKU of 7974418 (UPC of 400079744186 and Model TCD648250B). The price is listed at $799, but the street date field is blank. We're hoping that means we have less than 30 days to get our hands on the hottest HDTV DVR yet.
While the box and specs look great, and most people will enjoy HD recording and dual-cable card support, I'm more curious with what else Tivo will be able to do. They should take some cues from YouTube and find ways to let users send content to Tivo and the Tivo community.

Few other brands can generate as much excitement as Tivo does (I went to a packed Tivo Valentines Party earlier this year). If users could have ways to create their own applications that Tivo could run, Tivo may find that more people would be more willing to shell out $800 for their new box.

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MegaZone said...

There is already a way for 3rd parties to create applications that are accessed on the TiVo - Home Media Engine. The specs are published and the developers kit is freely available.

But you need to be a Java developer to work with it, so it isn't something an average user will do.

It would be nice to see some kind of link with YouTube, Google Video, etc.