Saturday, August 19, 2006

Snakes, Delivered

As a very off-topic post, I went to see Snakes On a Plane last night. Expecting a boring, low-production movie, it was very surprising to be so entertained. It's clearly not an action movie, or a horror movie. It's pure comedy with a few jumps - and even the New York Times recommends it!

The film doesn't get off to a good start. We see an Asian Mafia coming after poor surfer dude, and poor surfer dude making the tough life decision to go testify against them. The fun starts about 20 minutes in, though, when the snakes are released. Any time you think "Is this movie really going to do that?" they do. They follow through, they deliver in every moment that you want them to. Samuel L is Samuel L, and it's always good to see a little Juliana Marguiles every now and then.

See the movie, and have a good time.

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