Friday, May 02, 2008

jamiekleach - My Sister's Art on Vimeo & Flickr

I love that my sister's starting to put her work online. She's a Boulder, CO (and soon SF, CA)-based artist who does really great stuff. It's awesome, cause I can finally share her awesome genius with other people I know. For starters, make sure you check out her entire portfolio at

Her Flickr pool shows off some of her photo art. Really great stuff - she does this one where she merges siblings into each other over a course of 16 photos. Nothing's more trippy to see a Tony-Jamie mashup. It definitely freaked out our mother...

Jamie-Tony Morph

And then there's this video, which she says is "about addiction to technology and the recent emergence of personal electronic devices. These things make us so available and dependent on things that were not even a part of everyday life 5 years ago." Very true - and hits a little close to home!

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