Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jing, The New Screenshots

I use screenshots & screengrabs a ton for work. If I see something I like, or want to change something on the site, I do a screenshot.

Most of the uber-cool (apparently) utilities are for the mac, sadly. Skitch and SnapWeb sound like great tools, but until Zecco gets me a Macbook instead of a Dell, I'm stuck with a PC. So I was happy when swissmiss pointed me to Konigi, who in turn pointed me to Jing.

For the basics, you can easily (one-click) get screengrabs of a section of a window, or an entire window. With the screengrab, you can mock up the image with arrows, text, boxes, or semi-transparent boxes so easily I wanted to cry - especially knowing how much time I've spent in paint. When you're done, save the image locally, or upload to Flickr (as I did) with one click.

What blew me away was the videos. It takes the same idea & ease-of-use as the screen grab, but lets you create video walkthroughs. Check this out below, or click here.

I won't say it's perfect, and the ability to resize videos is a must-have that I couldn't figure out. But for the most part, this really rocks!

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Rick Leach said...

Yeah Jing - its about time...

thanks for the post.