Thursday, March 13, 2008

Simultaneous Illegal U-Turns

Without admitting any kind of wrong-doing, I want to share something beautiful that happened to me this morning. I made a nice little U-Turn - "flipped a bitch" as it were - as I sometimes do early in the morning trying to find a parking spot in front of my neighborhood Peet's. Funny thing is, some other guy did the exact same thing, at the exact same time - coming the other direction! it looked something like this (I'm the blue car):

One might think this could be incredibly dangerous, especially if there were people around or lots of traffic. As the detailed diagram shows, however, it's not if it happens the right way. And it resulted in something I consider beautiful - two people without any knowledge of each other, doing some in sync (yet possibly illegal), resulting in a mechanical dance around an intersection.

Kinda like BitTorrent, or Napster in the early days. Or Wikipedia.

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Rick Leach said...

"Without admitting any wrong-doing"...sounds a bit like Elliot Spitzer...