Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Return of PhiloTech

So after nearly a one-year hiatus, I've been inspired to start this ol' blogging thing back up again. I gave up after a few months last time because there wasn't any focus - it was mostly just me rambling about how I felt about technology. It was fun for a while (and a great way to pass time in my old job), but in the long run it wasn't very worthwhile, 'cause no one really wanted to hear me talk about my feelings.

The moment of inspiration came to me again today after receiving a nice surprise in the mail from a company called Meraki. A new post about them should come shortly, but once I opened this package, I realized how intertwined my life and technology have become. It's partly a generational thing I'm sure, but I also have a deep passion for it. It's got to be a fairly rare thing to be able to say I started programming computers when I was 10, and haven't stopped finding ways for technology to improve my life since. And also that I have always had friends :)

I'm inspired mostly by places like FiLife and My Money Blog, where the authors are sharing their own stories about their financial lives and philosophies. I'll be applying that to technology, sharing my own stories about how I use cool new tools & toys to make my little world a little better.

So - what am I saying here? I'm saying that this blog is getting started again, with a new focus. A focus on how technology can improve all our lives.

And as always... let me know what you think!

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